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A very exciting addition to make a trader’s job a whole lot easier. Just a single click and everything you need is right there at your fingertips.

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Entering a trade has never been easier than with our Smart Trading Tool. You are one step away to make your trading easy. Please select your trading platform


  • One Time Purchase
  • 5 Licenses
  • Lifetime Update


  • One Time Purchase
  • 5 Licenses
  • Lifetime Update


Holy sh… one of the best tools you can buy and its definetly a must have! If you are new to trading, just buy it for the riskmanagement! If you are an experienced trader, just buy it for the lower timeframes, where every second counts! Long story short: If you are reading this review you are considering buying this tool. Save the time and just buy it!


The best tool on the market for Order blocks. So simple to use. Forget about all the indicators and all the other stuff that just complicate your charts. I use this tool exclusively for my trading and it was the best decision ever. It’s not only a drawing tool for order blocks but also provides loads of trading info that you can choose to display or not. You can also use the tool to enter and manage your trades once you draw your order blocks. Since using the tool, I have become a much-relaxed trader. No more staring at charts the whole day. The service and backup from the provider are also great.


This is a must have indicator if you like to trade OB’s. It allows you to easily mark up your charts, and you’re able to set up alert notifications to your cellphone. If can’t leave your desk or laptop on and running. I recommend you sign up for Starseed’s alert service as to when OB’s are reached. you can find those details on their Youtube channel. I drive trucks for a living so the alerts are very helpful, to me . As I’m continuing to grow as a trader, this indicator will always be apart of my trading strategy set up.


When it comes to analyses before making a trade, this tool is the best. It makes it very easy to access lines and squares with ease. When it comes to placing a trade, the lines placed on the screen gives you a visual of where your stop and entry are located. This helps a lot before entering a trade. If you are a trader that plans to do this for life, you should have this tool!


This tool is a must have for all traders. In trading risk management is key so with this tool it takes the guess work out of trading so you know exactly what you’re risking per trade. I highly recommend this tool for any trader! I also would like to mention the the customer service support is awesome!


One of the best investments I’ve made. This has made my Risk Management so easy. The developer is very responsive and eager to help; goes way beyond the technical support……this team of husband and wife REALLY wants me to succeed in trading. The cost of this tool was recovered in just one trade. No brainer for me. Highly recommended.

Abdul Samad

If you are using order blocks for your trading then this is a must have tool, it makes everything so much easier. No more guessing what your SL and TP should be plus it also auto calculates risk per trade which i have been struggling to calculate in the past. Brilliant.

Charlie Holt

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