Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you still need help, you can send us your questions via email and we are happy to resolve them.

How Much The Price For Anne’s Order Block Alert?2023-05-02T03:02:43+00:00

It start from $17/month and recurring. You can get it here

How to update the StarseedFX Smart Trading Tool to the latest version?2023-02-20T08:01:32+00:00

On your terminal (Ctrl+T) – Click Market – Click Purchased – Scroll to StarseedFX Smart Trading Tool – There you can see Available Version – Then click Update

I purchased the StarseedFX Smart Trading Tool, when I clicked on the INSTALL button nothing happened. How to fix this?2023-05-02T03:08:21+00:00

Delete everything inside “Community” folder.

Go to: File > Open data folder > Find “AppData” on Folder browser > AppDataRoamingMetaQuotesTerminalCommunity.

This is not the tool problem, but rather a MetaTrader platform issue.

I Purchased The StarseedFX Smart Trading Tool. How to Make It Work?2023-05-16T13:12:50+00:00

Here is the PDF how to make it work:

For MT4: MT4 Tool Installation Guide

For MT5: MT5 Tool Installation Guide

I Want To Learn More2023-05-02T03:06:32+00:00

If you are new to Order Blocks make sure to watch ALL tutorials (Part 1 to 5). You can watch them all here and here

Is There Any Possible To Get Alerts Other Than Telegram?2023-05-16T04:43:49+00:00

Definitely! You can absolutely receive our alerts other than Telegram. We actually use Circle Community to provide them, and the great news is that they have an app available for both Android and iOS. So, no matter what kind of phone you have, you can easily stay up-to-date with all our alerts.

For iOS you can download here

Android can get it here

Get Anne’s OB Alerts at our community website

StarseedFX Smart Trading Tool License2023-05-16T05:06:59+00:00

Our Smart Trading Tool comes with 5 activation licenses and it’s a separate purchase for MT4 and MT5.

Something important to note is that the 5 activation licenses actually come from MQL5, not from us. So, if you ever need to reinstall Windows or move to a different computer, that counts as using one of your 5 licenses.

Now, if you happen to lose all 5 activations, you’ll need to purchase the Smart Trading Tool again. Unfortunately, we can’t sell it outside of MQL5 because that’s the only way to get it up and running on the MT4/MT5 platform. Hope that clears things up for you!

Still Confuse About OB2023-05-02T03:05:27+00:00

Learn how to read market structure and which order blocks that hold: (Tutorial PART 5 – Content for Beginners to Advanced)

Telegram Membership Notification2023-05-19T06:01:13+00:00

Our main alerts can be found on our community website right here, but we also have an additional option for alerts through Telegram. A lot of people really enjoy getting alerts through Telegram, but it’s important to know that it’s not connected to our payment gateway. Instead, we use token access that’s only valid for 30 days.

So, when you get access to Telegram alerts, you’ll receive a token that lasts for 30 days. When it expires, our bot will send you a message such like it will expired and etc…, but you can ignore it because we’ll also send you a new token for the next 30 days. Just be sure to click on the new token when you receive it to keep getting your alerts. And if you didn’t receive yet, you can contact Aznan from our community website or DM to his Telegram by providing your membership email.

To join, it’s easy. After you receive the token, you can see this preview below:



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